As an official Fujifilm X-Photographer I was delighted to be asked by Fujifilm UK to head over to Photokina in Koln, Germany last week to present a couple of sessions on their now infamous “Live Stage”.

It was the first time I’d ever attended Photokina and what an amazing experience it was.  I’ve been to CP+ in Tokyo, Focus on Imaging in the UK, The SWPP Convention and various other photography shows but this was something else.  10 huge halls full of photographic goodnes.

I didn’t actually get to see much more than what was going on on the Fuji stand to be honest.  It was an impressive set up by Fujifilm Deutschland and Fujifilm Japan and so many people have commented how they enjoyed the live stages.

Each of the twenty three X-Photographers got to present two forty minute sessions over two days.  I was honoured and humbled to be in the mix with such luminaries as big Bert Stephani, Patrick LaRoque, Zack Arias, Elia Locardi. Gianluca Colla, Alex Lambrechts and Pete Bridgewood.  Later in the week the likes of David Nightingale, Bobbi Lane, Lee Varius and many more presented (you can see the full line up here).

My remit, to myself, was to challenge the spectators about one simple fact:

Can you shoot entire weddings with a Fuji X-Series System?

I talked a lot about my preferred style of wedding photojournalism and how the move from DSLR to Mirrorless invigorated my passion for people photography.  I’m told that the entire presentations will be on Youtube at somepoint, but in the meantime I’ll endeavour to explain further.

Essentially, what the Fujifilm X-Series gives me is “proximity”.  I can get close.  I couldn’t with my DSLRs.

Two quotes that reside in my mind always:

Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you are looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything either – Don McCullin


If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough – Robert Capa

Here are few collated snaps from the show:

Kevin Mullins Photokina 2014

Me, presenting one of my sessions.  Image courtesy of my good friend Bert Stephani


Kevin Mullins Photokina 2014I never, ever, ever want to see a plate of sausage again

Kevin Mullins Photokina 2014Day one schedule

Photokina-2014-5 Kevin Mullins Photokina 2014 Kevin Mullins Photokina 2014 Kevin Mullins Photokina 2014

Very proud to have four images displayed in the Professional X-Photographers Gallery

Kevin Mullins Zack Arias Billy Leung Alex LambrechtsMyself, Billy Leung, Zack Arias and the ever so suave Alex Lambrechts (photo courtesy of Marc ‘bon’ Horner, Fujifilm UK)

Kevin Mullins - Photokina

I was also thrilled to see that some of my images and a feature on me has been included in the marketing leaflet for the upcoming Fujifilm X100T.  You can see the PDF here .

Additionally, I was really thrilled to see two of my images making it into the X100T promotional video from Fujifilm.  That’s my photography of The Millennium Bridge and my daughter showing off the 1/32000 shutter speed


And the point?  Well, the point was that I truly believe you can shoot full weddings with a Fuji system.  I’ve been doing it for two years.  Here are a couple of them.  Kick back, turn the volume up and (hopefully) enjoy:

And what about you?

Well, part of my role as a Fuji X-Photographer is to be a conduit between you – the photography community and Fuji.  We all know Fuji listens….the firmware updates and new camera ranges have emphasised that.  Once again I was invited along with a few other photographers to give our opinions on the current camera range and potentially the future camera range.

Its important for me to state here that I’m giving back YOUR feedback.  Not mine personally.  We have these meetings with the product planners because Fuji wants to build cameras that are suitable for us all.  Its a very cathartic experience and I’ve seen how some discussions we’ve had in the past has materialised in the real life products.

I’m still very excited by the directions that Fujifilm are exploring:


But – I want to reiterate (once again).  I’m a Fujifilm X-Photographer.  There are something like 250 of us.  I’m not an “official” ambassador.  This means I’m not paid by them to say anything nor am I obliged to say only possitive things.  I’m often feeding back elements that I think can be worked on along with all the feedback I get from the industry.  Some things need work – we know.  We need better battery life, we need a better flash system etc.  Plus lots more.  Fuji are listening.  Let’s hope they keep on delivering.

And Finally – an X-E2 Book….

I’ve been reading Rico Pfirstinger’s latest book:  The Fujifilm X-E2: Beyond the Manual.  Its excellent.  If you have an X-E2 it’s definitely worth the read.  You can get it direct from Amazon here.

And finally, finally…..I’ve been using the pre-production of the Fujifilm X100T for a few weeks now.  It is a pretty awesome piece of kit.  I’m waiting on a few more tests before I put a full and comprehensive review “from the perspective of a working pro” on this website.  Subscribe the newsletter on the homepage or below this post to get instant notification of when that is published.

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