UPDATE:  The answer is:   Image One:  X100S Image Two:  X100T Image Three:  X100


Recently, in the Facebook group I run specifically for Wedding Photographers who shoot with Fuji’s there was a discussion about the various incarnations of the Fujifilm X100.

One of the contributors indicated that he could tell the difference immediately between an image shot on an original FinePix X100 and the subsequent Fuji X100S and X100T sensors.

So…..can you?  Post your guesses in the comments. I’ll post the correct answer soon.

It’s only for fun of course, but I will select one of the correct answers and send them a free copy of my book (x100S From Snapshots to Greatshots).

Also – if you are on Instagram, I’ll be doing a live Q&A about the Fuji X-Pro2 at 8pm UK time tonight (15th February 2016)

Follow me on Instagram to catch it.

Here are the images, all shot at F2, ISO400 and 1/250th Second.  All using the Provia/Standard film simulation and all at DR 100%.

1Image One

2Image Two

3Image Three

Fuji-X100The Three Amigos; FinePix X100, X100S & X100T


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