A really quick post and a couple of snaps.

I recently got the Fujifilm XF 50mm F2 WR and I’ve literally taken about five shots with it so far.

Below is a couple that I dragged off the camera and processed in Alien Skin Exposure (which I love).

Until I take the lens to a wedding, I can’t tell whether it will totally replace my 1.2 one.  I suspect I’ll end up using both as the 1.2 is great in those really low light first dance situations.

However, I’m already drawn to how light and blazingly fast to focus the 50mm F2 lens is.

I’m speaking at the Fujifilm stand at The Photography Show next week.  If you fancy coming along, please say “Hello”.  A friendly face is always a nice face.  You can see the full Fujifilm stand schedule here.

fuji 50mm f2Fujifilm X-T2:  XF 50mm F2 ~ 1/2,000th at f/2, ISO2,500fuji 50mm f2Fujifilm X-T2:  XF 50mm F2 ~ 1/5,800th at f/2, ISO2,500

PS – my new London Street workshops are sold out, but I have one in Cardiff that is still booking.  Additionally, I’m giving a whole day workshop in Switzerland in May and my next Wedding Photojournalism workshop is now available too.

  • Happy Snapping – Kevin (in my Studio in Malmesbury, listening to Florence + The Machine (How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful))

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