I knew very little about the Fujifilm GFX100 but last night, I had the opportunity to spend half an hour or so with a sample of the camera.

I’m assuming by now the pricing has been established so only you can decide if its something that fits your budget.

Or maybe you just won the lottery?

I had half an hour or so to take a look at the camera so this is definitely a first impressions video, rather than a full review.

What I’ll say about the camera is that it’s basically the same size as a GFX50S with the battery grip.

It feels good in the hand and I used it with my 63mm F2.8 lens handheld without any particular issues.

I’m fairly sure, though, that this camera will mostly be used by the landscape, architectural, fine art, forensic, medial photographers etc.

It’s definitely possible to use it at weddings, especially for the fine art formal stuff that many of you do, and even on the streets – though it’s far from discreet in that regards.

I guess the stand out features of the GFX100 is, of course, the massive sensor which is 102 megapixels.

That’s huge.

And the results are in the details themselves which I go into in detail in the video below.

Of course, way back at Photokina, maybe, three years or so ago, when the development of the GFX50S was announced, Fujifilm told us that the lenses they were developing would resolve against even bigger sensors.

So I guess that was our hint that something bigger than the 50Mega Pixel sensor would come and I think it’s brilliant that those who have GF lenses will be able to use them seamlessly with this new camera.

Now, I got amazing results with the GFX50S and the GFX50R of course, so I was interested to see how this new camera stands up and compared to that.

And I have to say that it produces noticeably more detailed images, and, because it has in body stabilisation and phase detection pixels, it seemed to me that I was getting sharper images at slower shutter speeds and higher ISO than I could get handholding the GFX50R.

Which I guess is a key thing here.

Having a camera that can produce these amazing images and be able to handhold comfortably is one of the features we’ll see Fujifilm marketing the camera for.

Making movies with the Fujifilm GFX100

I even managed to run a few short video clips from the camera, which is something I think will interest filmmakers.

The interface and options for the filming element are similar to the X-T3 so I shot a couple of small clips with the onboard audio, 400MBs 25p 4K.

And it was nice.

Because of that sensor, and coupled with the lenses, you will get a pretty unique look to any films shot with the Fujifilm GFX100 that’s for sure.

Now, as you know, I am a Fujifilm ambassador and that’s partly why I had a sneak peek at the camera the night before it was announced, but, and this is important, I’m not obliged to sell their cameras for them.

I’ll tell you what I think about it both good and bad and because I know many of you are working professionals.

And that, ultimately, will come down to the details and dynamic range in the images.

That’s a very quick look a the files that I snapped very quickly with the GF100.

I think you’ll agree with me that the files, dynamic range, noise handling are out of this world.

Whether this camera is suitable for you, only you can decide.

Fujifilm GFX100 in Summary

If I were a professional portrait photographer or commercial architectural photographer perhaps (tilt-shift, anybody?) then I think this would be an incredible machine.

And it is a machine.

You’ll not likely have the beautiful shooting experience you might get with a GFX50R or X-Pro2, but the quality of the files is what counts here I guess.

For me, as a candid wedding and family photographer, it’s going to be out of my budget and my reach and necessity.

But who knows what will happen in the future?

I’ve no idea if we’ll see something similar in a 50R type body. I’m guessing not, because of the IBIS, but remember what they did with the X-H1.

I’m going to be sending some of these images of to Digitalab up in Newcastle to print.

There really is no point having the Fujifilm GFX100, or in fact, the GFX50 if you don’t print in my opinion.

This is definitely not a system to simply stick pictures on Facebook or Instagram.

The justice is in the detail and that insane ability to crop in so far and make something out of perhaps nothing.

Any questions, feel free to leave them below.

I’ll do my best to answer bearing in mind I only had half an hour or so with the camera.

Fujifilm GFX100 Sample Images

I’ve included some of my edited JPEGs from the Lightroom session below.

EXIF is embedded in each image.

fujifilm gfx100 sample images
fujifilm gfx100 sample images

fujifilm gfx100 sample images
fujifilm gfx100 sample images
fujifilm gfx100 sample images
fujifilm gfx100 sample images

And finally….again…

Also, X-Weddings Conference #2 for 2019 will be in November (Bath, England).  I’ll be announcing the schedule very soon.  Please keep an eye on https://www.x-weddings.co.uk for more details.

And finally, I’ve added a couple more workshop dates to my photography workshops website.

You can purchase the GFX100 now from WEX in the UK.

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