Last night I popped into London to try out the 4K 60 FPS shooting capabilities of the new camera.

It’s not a great film at all.ย  It’s very short, but it does give you some idea of the capabilities of the little thing.

In order to see this in the best quality choose 2160p60 in your YouTube play window.

Technical details below the clip.

Fujifilm X-T3 4K 60FPS (HEVC H.265) – London at Night.

A very short film recorded in London at night shooting with the 4K 60FPS options of the Fujifilm X-t3.

All footage shot in Eterna, not F-LOG. ISO Ranges between 640 and 3,200.

Shot in LONG GOP and encoded in HEVC H.265 200MBS.

The final rendered file was just 103MB.

Sample footage really – not meant to be a story but I was interested in seeing how the camera performed at 4K in 60FPS.

You can order the X-T3 from WEX right now.ย  I would if I were you.



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