Yesterday I received the long awaited Fujifilm X100s.  I’ve literally had it for less than 24 hours, and in that time I’ve had to run my normal life too so I’ve not had a great deal of time to explore the camera yet.

So, this post is basically a “first thoughts”…….which are, in a nutshell…….superb.

The camera arrived just before School pickup time so I busied myself around making sandwiches, dinner and Mr Tumble taking a few snaps of the kids.

The one thing that most people wanted improved (myself included) over the X100 was the AF speed and I can safely say that this is simply eons better than the original X100.  In fact, the X100S is the closest thing to perfect in a small form factor camera that I have ever used (based on my brief usage – this weekend will be the acid test).

I will be taking the camera with me everywhere this weekend, including a couple of weddings and so I hope to have a much more thorough overview of the X100S online sometime next week.

Briefly – what I’m impressed with in the few hours I’ve shot with it are:

– The focus speed….simply brilliant
– Focus peaking in manual mode.  Amazing and works really well, especially if shooting with a zone focus paradigm.
– The Q button makes changing settings much quicker
– The viewfinder (both OVF and EVF) are much clearer and a real pleasure to use.  The EVF is much sharper and the OVFs information guides and frame lines etc. are much easier on the eye too.
– Rapid AF point selection with the back dial (very cool addition).

Image quality remains amazing from such a small camera.  Honestly, I’m thrilled with the opportunities it will bring and really look forward to getting to grips with it more.

All of these images are from the camera produced JPGs and I have noticed, as with all the other X-Trans cameras that the in-camera noise reduction seems a little heavy handed so from now on I will be lowering my setting for that.

I’m sorry for the first picture.  I told Rosa to act normally……what can I say?  the rest are simple candid’s.  If you were worrying about the focus speed on the new X100S – don’t.  Simple as that.

500 ISO 1/125th @ f/2.0 Fuji X100S Samples
800 ISO 1/125th @ f/2.0Fuji X100S Samples
800 ISO 1/125th @ f/2.0 Fuji X100S Samples

6,400 ISO 1/125th @ f/2.0Fuji X100S Samples

[icon style=”icon-email-send” url=”” target=”_self” lightbox_content=”” lightbox_description=””] Feel free to comment and I will endeavour to answer any questions. Check back late next week though as I intend on using the camera a whole load more over the weekend. [/icon]

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