Apparently, the original Fuji X100 is eight years old today.

Personally, I thought it was in February, but Fujifumours announced its today and I’m fairly sure he’s more accurate than me with the dates.

So today I thought I’d do a little Happy Birthday X100 post seeing as how systematic it was in my photography career.
Fuji X100

My original Fujifilm X100 (above) is definitely a camera that I’ll never sell.  It was way back in 2011 when I got it and I’d been shooting weddings professionally for around three years by that point.

I was shooting with Canon DSLRs at the time and I had no reason to dislike that system.

I wasn’t actively looking for a new brand of camera as I’d invested a lot into my Canon system and it was brilliant.  Some of my favourite images still, were from my Canon days.

However, when I saw the FinePix (remember when it was called that?) I just “wanted” it.

I definitely didn’t “need” it.  Well, at least I didn’t think I did.  Until I had it.  Then I knew I needed it.

I’ve discussed the X100 range a thousand times on this blog so I won’t go into it all again, rather, I’ll summarise a couple of my posts and pop a few of my favourite images shot with the camera and it’s younger sisters since it was launched.

Fuji X100

And here they are (above) altogether and happily still working (unlike my mobile phone photography skills 🙂 )

I recently took a trip to Dubai where all I took was the original X100.  I posted this recently but those of you new to the blog may have missed it:

On that trip, I was lucky enough to get my original X100 signed by Masa-san.  He is the designer of a lot of the X-Series cameras.

Yup, I’m that person who gets their cameras signed.

In fairness, I honestly believe the original Fuji X100 has so much to answer for in terms of my own photographic and to a certain extent personal development that I’m not concerned about how sycophantic this may look.

Fuji X100

signed fuji x100

Over the years, some of my favourite wedding photographs have been taken with the X100 range, but it transcends business.

I think it’s without exaggeration when I say that the Fujifilm X100 bread of cameras have allowed me to document my own journey as a dad.

Or rather, the journey of my kids growing up.

From one of the very earliest pictures, I took using the X100 (above)….

… to more recent candid portraits (above), the X100 is a constant companion for me.

Ultimately, when I think about some of my favourite family snaps (and I say snaps because they are that – just family memories – nothing particularly artistic), a huge amount of them are shot on the X100, T, S or F.

(don’t ask what he’s doing with his hand!)

In fact, all the images above are taking from a small Photo Film I made.

I creatively titled “100 Images with the X100” (clever, huh!):

Some of you will be aware that I became a Fujifilm Ambassador around 2012.  And that’s something I’m very proud of.

Over the years, this has led me to be asked to provide sample images for newly released cameras and one of my favourite assignments was for the X100F.

My official Fujifilm promo video for that camera is below.

Whilst I think the original X100 will always be my “favourite” X100, there is no mistaking the fact that the X100F is the best X100.

It’s interesting (well I think so anyway, my wife thinks it’s a very boring fact!), that over on my YouTube Channel the video that has easily had the most minutes play time (some 1,151,319 minutes – that’s 19,188 hours, or 799.5 days, or 2.19 YEARS – you can see why Gemma is bored by this stat 🙂 ) is my Fujifilm X100F Settings video:

From a Street Photography perspective, the X100 and it’s merry men remains a firm favourite for many.

For me, I seem to jump between the X70 and the X100 for most of my Street Photography.

Again, for those new around here, you may be interested in a recent trip I took to Japan where I took just my X100F.  And a lot of fun it was too:

Fuji X100 – The Future?

We are eight years in now.  That’s amazing.

In my mind, I’m not sure what they can do to make the X100next better.

A new lens?  A new focal length?  A new sensor?  A monochrome version?  Smaller?  Flip Screen?

All of these things will be on the minds of some people.

But for me, for now, I’m happy that the Fujifilm FinePix X100 came about all those years ago….. and long may the line continue.  I’m sure it will.

We love it.

There is lots more on this blog about the Fuji X100 and I’ll help you find it if you follow this link.

But probably my favourite experiment with the Fuji X100F (to date) has been this:


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