My Wedding Camera Gear for 2018

This is a rundown of my Wedding Camera Gear that I currently use for weddings in 2018.

It’s worth noting that I shoot exclusively in a documentary fashion.

This means I don’t need or require any off-camera flash etc. I need photography gear that is small and lightweight that I can shoot with reliably all day.

You can, of course, find this video and lots of others over on my YouTube Channel.

As you’ll see in the video, I try to use as small a bag as possible and my prefered cameras are still the X-Pro2’s.

You can see me talking about and shooting a live wedding with the X-Pro2’s on the video my good friend Neale James shot for the launch of the camera two years ago.

My focal lengths of choice remain 23mm (35mm FF Equiv.) and 56mm (85mm FF Equiv.) and that’s a legacy from when I shot full frame DSLR preferring to use just two lenses at those focal lengths.

There is a discussion in the video about when I use the F2 variants or the F1.4 variants, but by and large, because I don’t like to return to my camera bag, I stick to the F1.4 and F1.2 lenses.

Wedding Camera Gear

X-Pro2 v X-H1?

I’ve had the Fujifilm X-H1 on loan for a week or so (it goes back this Friday) and I’ve taken it with me to a family shoot and, in fact, used it to film the above video.

I do like the X-H1, but, for now, I still prefer the smaller, lighter cameras in the Fujifilm range for shooting stills.

I explained my thought process on the Fuji X-H1 recently and now I’ve had time to use it properly, my thoughts remain the same.

The X-H1 is a brilliant camera for those that want DSLR size and styling with a mirrorless ecosystem.  It’s also amazing for filming.  If I buy the X-H1, it will be mostly for its filmmaking abilities.

Some of the Stills from the above Video:

Wedding Camera Gear

Using the Manfrotto Lumimuse Light

Wedding Camera GearWedding Camera GearUsing the 23mm F2 Lightweight LensWedding Camera GearUsing the Fujifilm X-70Wedding Camera GearUsing the 18mm F2 Lens

Wedding Camera GearWedding Camera GearWedding Camera GearWedding Camera GearUsing the 56mm F1.2 Wedding Camera Gear Wedding Camera GearUsing the 23mm F1.4

Featured Wedding Camera Gear:

Fujifilm X-Pro2:

18mm F2:

23mm F1.4:

23mm F2:

50mm F2:

56mm F1.2:

Fujifilm X70:

Fujifilm X100F:

Small Light:


Spider Holster:

Sandisk 256GB Card:

Filson Bags:

Memory & Battery Pouch:

Square Hood:



Lens Pen:

Please note that some of these links are affiliate links.  If you were to purchase any of these items, you don’t pay any more, but I get a few pence to help with the running of this site and the YouTube channel. 🙂

And Finally….. Are you a Wedding or Street Photographer?

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