As many of you may know, I did eventually buy a Fuji GFX 50S after renting it for several months.

It’s big, heavy and cumbersome, but the where the Fuji GFX sings is the print quality.

As I explain in the below video (more Fuji, Photography and other videos on my YouTube Channel by the way) I’ve recently been discussing on Instagram my journey through the X-Series and the reason I was attracted to it all those years back.

The reason being, of course, its size.  It’s very true that I moved from my capable DLSR system to a smaller ecosystem because of the size benefits.

So why then, have I purchased a Fuji GFX and invested around £10,000 in the system?

Well, the answer is simply to do with print quality and the fact that it does give me a competitive edge, especially in my Family Photography business – which is a prints based offering.

In contrast the new Fujifilm X-H1, which is a great camera for people that want a bigger body, the Fuji GFX offers a whole new level in terms of print details; whereas the X-H1 is the same sensor as the X-Pro2 and the X-T2 so I simply can’t justify buying that camera for stills shooting.

The video below is quite long, but I discuss my thought process and business reasons for buying the Fuji GFX and additionally I work through some images in Lightroom showing the recovery and dynamic range of the images along with, of course, the sharpness and detail.

Watch the video below and I’ve posted some of the stills that I edited in the video underneath.

As ever, please feel free to comment and share – it helps me and encourages me to keep building content on this site and YouTube.

fujifilm gfx 100% crop fuji gfx50s samples

It’s really an incredible machine, but as I mentioned in the video, the environment needs to right for me to shoot it in a reportage fashion.

I think for the wedding photographers out there who are shooting editorial, fine art and portrait work, the Fuji GFX camera will really allow you to stand out for the crowd in terms of image density and post-production latitude.

And Finally….. Are you a Wedding or Street Photographer?

I’ve spent the last year or so planning the first ever X-Weddings Conference.  It will be in Bath, England on the 12th & 13th of June.

We have a top lineup of speakers and you can learn more by heading over to

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