A little while back I need to do a X100S Studio shoot for the portraiture chapter of my forthcoming book (Fujifilm X100S: From Snapshots to Greatshots) and I got a chance to work at the Damien Lovegrove studios shooting some models .

Traditionally I’m more of a social documentary / reportage wedding photographer but I really wanted to get to grips with the X100S in a studio environment and I was very lucky to be able to use two great models in Jamie Roche and Holly Smith.

I’ll be totally honest, Damien and his wizardry did most of the lighting magic, and well, when you have gorgeous people to take photographs of it always appears very simple doesn’t it?  If you want a master-class in lighting then check out Damien’s workshops by the way.

The key for me was getting the X100S to its full capacity and I shot pretty much all day in various lighting conditions, both strobes, constant and natural lighting.

The X100S Studio shooting test was past with flying colours in my eyes.  A great, small camera that produces results like this.  Pretty cool huh!

X100S Studio Shoot
1/250th ~ F/5.6 ~ ISO 200

X100S Studio Shoot
1/640th ~ F/5.6 ~ ISO 200

X100S Studio Shoot
1/400th ~ F/8 ~ ISO 200

X100S Studio Shoot

1/500th ~ F/5.6 ~ ISO 200

I got a great selection of images form the X100S Studio shoot, and the above are a small selection of my favourites.  Of course, we all know that the X100S has an incredibly fast sync speed of > 1,000th of a second but I didn’t really get a chance to put that through it’s paces this time.

However, I’ve recently become the proud owner of a set of Elinchrom Quadra Hybrid lights and this weekend I fully intend on testing the amazing sync speed of the X100S with the portable strobes.  I’ll post here next week with my findings.

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