4K Recording with the X-Pro2 is finally in the camera thanks to the latest firmware update; version 4.0

In the last couple of days, Fujifilm has released a number of firmware updates.  Some more detailed than others.

The latest firmware updates can be found here:

Fujifilm X-Pro2 Firmware Update 4.00

Fujifilm X100F Firmware Update 2.00

Fujifilm X-T20 Firmware Update 1.11

Fujifilm X-T1 Firmware Update 5.40

X-Pro2 Updates

The X-Pro2 has received a major update with a number of new features and enhancements.

4K Recording with the X-Pro2

The headline update is 4K Recording with the X-Pro2.

This is something a lot of people have been waiting for.  Despite Fujifilm originally implying the heat sync capacity of the camera could not support 4K Recording with the X-Pro2, they seem to have done their magic, listened to the photographers, and delivered on the goods.

My first 4K Recording with the X-Pro2:

I recorded with the camera for several hours on and off and didn’t notice any heat issues at all, which is great.

I have to say though, whilst it’s great that we now have 4K Recording With Fuji X-Pro2 I do believe that people who are likely to make “serious” filming efforts with the X-Series will more likely turn to the X-T2 for this.  The X-T2 has a number of advantages over the X-Pro2 in terms of making movies including the grip, audio out and in, HDMI out, tilting screen etc.

That said – this 4K Recording with the X-Pro2 facility in the X-Pro2 is going to be great for those already invested in the X-Pro2.  Photojournalists and wedding photographers, Street photographers and travel photographers will all now be able to run high-quality clips that can easily be used for editorial or client commision purposes.

The X-Pro2 is my personal favoured camera over the X-T2 and so I’m really enjoying the fact I can now make 4K clips if I wish without having to worry about taking the X-T2 with me.

And, coupled with the 4K capabilities of the recently released Fujifilm X-E3 it’s lovely to have a set of rangefinder style cameras that can work in tandem to shoot when out and about.

4K Recording with the X-Pro2

New AF Tracking in Fuji X-Pro2

This has come somewhat under the radar but those that have the X-E3 (and the X-T2 with the recent firmware) will be aware that the focus tracking in continuous mode is noticeably better.

Well, now you’ll be able to notice that in the X-Pro2 too.  It’s subtle but definitely noticeable and again brilliant for those of us who use AF-C for things such as bridal recessional etc.

RGB histogram display and highlight warning

If you press the function button allocated to the histogram, RGB histogram and highlight warning (High brightness portion will blink) are displayed.  Another welcome update.

Software Support Updates on the X-Pro2

The X-Pro2 has also been given the ability shoot tethered using USB or WiFi.

This is something that lots of people have been requesting, and personally, I think this should have been something in the camera since it’s launch.

I don’t actually use tethering as I rarely shoot in a formal environment, but I’m glad to see those that do, now have the feature.

There is also support for the new X-Raw studio.  Sadly I haven’t been able to look at this as I’m a PC user.  I’m told a PC version of the software will be released in 2018.

And finally, there is support for the new Instax Share SP3 and the copying of camera settings using the X-Aquire software.

Hopefully, if we keep coughing hard enough into our fists, we’ll get camera syncing across bodies using wifi (or Bluetooth) soon!  Ahem.

X100F Firmware Updates

The X100F has received love too and these are similar to the above in the form of:

  • X-Aquire Support
  • X-Raw Studio Support
  • SP-3 Support
  • Radio Flash Support Updates
  • Focus point zooming

Switching the Control Ring OFF

This is a very welcome update.  Those of us that use the Control Ring on the X100F will know it’s very frustrating that you can’t assign it to OFF.  Well…… now you can.  Epic.

Fujifilm, once again, need to be applauded for these firmware updates.  There are some things I’d still love to see in the X-Pro2.  Most notably being able to use the rear command dial as AF Lock as we can on the 100F.  But it’s great to be able to shoot in 4K and have faster AF-C speed.  Just in time for Christmas too.

Happy Snapping & Happy Christmas to those that celebrate.


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