So, about my Black and White Lightroom Presets.

It’s been a while, I know.

I’m sure many of you are in the same situation as me right now.  All my work has evaporated and I’m “locked down” with my family.

kevin mullins black and white presets

In this downtime, it has allowed me to finish a project I’d been starting (and not completing) on and off for the last year.

The astute amongst you will also have noticed a new menu item appearing – Monochrome.  This links to my other lockdown project The Ministry of Shadows which is dedicated to my love of monochromatic photography and film.

It’s on this website that I have launched……. my first set of professional Black and White Profile Based Presets.

Black and White Lightroom Presets Overview Video:

Take a look at this little video for more details including the profiles and system-based workflow.

This is Edition One of the Kevin Mullins Black & White Film Lightroom Presets.

This Lightroom Presets collection is more than just a series of pre-selected sliders.

These Black & White Film Lightroom Presets are built on carefully crafted profiles, generated with colour critical Look-Up Tables.

I have been editing my images for many years to closely replicate black and white film.  This collection gives you access to the very same developing process that I use for my professional photography.

The pack is inspired by my love of monochrome film and includes a full set of profiles, presets and utility options to recreate an extremely specific filmlike look for your black and white photographs.

You will not find a lengthy list of garish never-to-be used slider configurations in this pack.

What you will find is a crafted, subtle, set of film processes that will allow you a one-click system for black and white film emulation in a digital workflow.

Included is a bonus collection of my current favourite colour processing profiles also.

This is a digital product.  Upon purchase, you will receive an email to a download link that will be valid for 24 Hours.

This system is designed to be applied to any RAW file.  Some of the system processes will work on JPEG images too.

Requirements: This process pack requires Adobe Lightroom CC or Adobe Lightroom Classic 7.3 or newer. They will work with Windows and Mac operating systems.

The installation notes are included as a PDF in the digital download.

Black and White Lightroom Presets Toolkit Contents

Upon installation, you will have a new Group in the develop module presets area called KM B&W Film Edition 1.

Included in Kevin Mullins Black & White Film Lightroom Presets – Edition One:

  1. Eight specific black and white film profile-based processes:
    1. Mullins Classic Film
    2. Mullins Classic Warm – –
    3. Mullins Classic Warm –
    4. Mullins Classis Warm
    5. Mullins Classic Warm +
    6. HP5 Style (High Contrast)
    7. Newspaper
    8. Delta Style 3200
  2. Five colour film bonus processes:
    1. Classic Chrome Style 400
    2. Classic Chrome Style Clean
    3. Classic Chrome Style 1600
    4. Mullins Film Colour 3200
    5. Mullins Film Colour Clean
  3. One-click density implementation to add depth to photographs:
    1. Standard
    2. Medium
    3. Strong
    4. Real
    5. Reset
  4. Film Grain quick steps:
    1. 400
    2. 3200
    3. Reset
  5. Subtle Edge Vignette process.
  6. Utility Processes:
    1. Fade the Film
    2. Standard Warm
    3. Subtle Warm
    4. Film Negative
  7. Sharpening Processes:
    1. RAW Standard
    2. RAW Refine
    3. Contrast Reduce

Workflow Based Processing

These Black and White Lightroom Presets are structured to aid your workflow.  A workflow might entail:

  • Selecting the Film Finish in group 1.
  • Selecting film grain in group 2.
  • Selecting the density in group 3.

Then using the utilities to finish of sharpening, vignette, and warmth.

During the COVID-19 Lockdown, I am offering the Black and White Lightroom Presets system for half price.

You can learn more here.

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