Although I’ve never experienced any lockups with either my X-Pro2’s or X-T2’s, there has been a few people I know personally who have experienced them.  And they have been very frustrated.

It seems, that in most situations, these lockups occurred when shooting heavily in CH mode.

Andreas at Fujifilm UK worked extensively, with input from myself and the help of others with the Japanese engineering team to help address this issue and the result is the following firmware updates:

X-T2 Version 2.12:  Download directly from Fujifilm site here.

X-Pro2 Version Version 3.12:  Download directly from Fufijilm site here.

If you are a wedding photographer, and ever use high-speed shooting or tracking, then I would encourage you to install the firmware as a priority.

As ever, I think it’s amazing how Fujifilm listen to the community and continue to evolve their cameras and in this very specific case, when only a tiny percentage of people reported the issue, it was deemed important enough to rectify.

Kudos to Andreas and the team in Japan.

fuji x-pro2

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