I posted this over on my wedding photographer website last week, so it may not be new to some of you.

When I moved over to Mirrorless cameras back in 2011/12 (I’m conscience of not saying “Fujifilm” here, because this applies to all ‘smaller’ cameras really – though of course I use Fujifilm cameras as my tools) the reason was based on business.

I wanted to shoot with smaller, lighter and cheaper equipment.  I thought, and I was right, it would help me become a better photographer and would also allow me to shoot weddings the way I really wanted.

What I wasn’t really expecting was that I would, pretty much from that time on, carry a camera with me almost everywhere.

The little Photofilm below is something I knocked together for my wife for Christmas.  Afterwards, I decided I’d share it publicly.  Not because I think the pictures are particularly good, in fact a vast majority of them are technically poor, but because I wanted to reiterate this fact;

Using small, mirrorless cameras, has enabled me to document not only weddings, but my own life around me.  I can 100% guarantee I would not have shot 90% of the images below when I only had a Canon 5d and 1DX in the house.

As ever though, I don’t want to knock DSLRs, and certainly not those that use them – but I’m offering up an opinion based on my own circumstance.  I’m sure many people happily document their own life with DSLRs – but for me, always having an X100 in the kitchen for example means I’m just ready to shoot.

A majority of these images were shot on the X100T, with one or two on the X-Pro2 and one images on the GoPro Hero 4 (I think you’ll see which one).

I know it’s “other people’s kids”, but feel free to press the full screen button and switch the sound up.  The sound is important.

I hope you enjoy it.


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