As I mentioned in my Fuji X100F Review last week, the new camera will be my constant companion.

I’ll definitely be taking it when I shoot weddings, but for me, the real value of this camera will come in the images it allows me to create of everyday life that surrounds me.

Some of the most important images I’ve ever taken were shot with the X100, S or T and the Fuji X100F will continue that tradition.

You can see more of the technical attributes in the previous review, but for now, I just wanted to share a few of my favourite snaps I took while testing the Fuji X100F.

I’ve purposefully picked a selection of images here that show a wide range of ISO values; from 200 to 10,000.

I’m also more than happy to shoot at F2 on the Fuji X100F, and I still love the way the 23mm lens renders even at F2.

I’ve not had it too long, but already it’s helped me create some of my most precious images over the last six months or so.

Fuji X100F Family Snaps:

Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/170th at f/2, ISO400 Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/125th at f/2, ISO3,200 – Possibly the laziest pooch in the world!Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/200th at f/5.6, ISO400 Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/800th at f/2.8, ISO400

Any idea how difficult it is to shoot with one hand on a bouncing see-saw?Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/125th at f/2.5, ISO200 – don’t ask….I have no idea.Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/125th at f/2, ISO2,500Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/125th at f/2, ISO10,000

TEN THOUSAND ISO – the stuff of dreams (see what I did there?)Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/125th at f/2, ISO2,000Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/110th at f/2, ISO3,200Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/680th at f/5.6, ISO200 – Light Sabre & a Fuji X30.  Perfect combination.Fuji X100FFujifilm X100F:  1/500th at f/2, ISO800

Please feel free to leave questions or comments below & I’ll do my best to answer them all as soon as I can.

Preorder the Fujifilm X100F

If you want to pre-order the X100F in the UK, you can do so via Warehouse Express.  You might also be interested in the Tele Conversion Lens or the Wide Conversion Lens.

Additionally, my friends at Castle Cameras are offering a Fuji X100F preorder service too.

And finally….

I currently have three available workshops myself.

I am running a Wedding Photojournalism Workshop in London next month.

The Street workshop in London on the 3rd March has now sold out.  I’ve added another date, the 31st March: Street Photography Workshop in London

I’m also running two photography workshops in Lausanne, Switzerland in conjunction with Fujifilm Switzerland in May.

  • Happy Snapping – Kevin (in my Studio in Malmesbury, listening to Johnny Cash at San Quentin (vinyl))

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