A vast majority of the world are or have been in some kind of governmental lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This includes me, and whilst it’s had a devastating effect on my wedding photography business it has given me unprecedented time with my loved ones.

All of these images are processed using my new set of Lightroom Profile Based Presets which I announced on the 8th May.

These presets have been a labour of love for many months and, because they use proper profiles, are far more than just a set of slider adjustments.

If you are interested in the presets, you can read more over on Ministry of Shadows website.


It’s true to say that in the first weeks, I was more concerned about my business.  Dealing with clients and their own stresses of course regarding their weddings.

All of my workshops were also postponed of course.

However, as time progressed, I realised that I should seize the opportunity for what it is because almost all of it was out of my control.

The little bit of it that was in my control, was, quite simply, how I dealt with it myself.

To that end, I have photographed.  Not much, but a little, and I’ve tried to shoot a bit differently to how I would normally.

I’ve chosen to try some moody portraiture and even some still life with inspiration from my good friend Luis Garvan (I interview him in Episode 56 of The FujiCast Podcast by the way).

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I realise that I haven’t posted here for quite a while.  Partly because of a very busy winter and then, of course, the fact that I am away from my studio now for almost two months.

When the world puts this meanie back in the jar, we will be stronger and I will be back posting here more often.

Until then my friends, keep safe, keep happy, and keep shooting.

  • KM

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