In a very busy month including six weddings, workshops and a all kinds of other shinnanigans we managed to get away for a few days to the coast.

I’m going to try and put together a “snapshots” series each month. Just that, snapshots, will more than likely be of the family and my general wanderings.

These images are about curating memories, rather than technical excellence and these are the types of pictures I adore using my cameras for.

My original X100T was used for all of these images. It’s a bit battered and bruised now but still the camera I sling around my neck every day of the week.

You may also be interested in the Breakfast series and the MakeBlock series too.

In addition to just shooting, I’ve been using the new 23mm F2 lens a lot at weddings and will be sharing more thoughts on that lens very soon.

fujifilm-x-series-samples-1 Fujifilm X100T ~ 1/900th @f14 ISO 400fujifilm-x-series-samples-2Fujifilm X100T ~ 1/160th @f3.6 ISO 200 fujifilm-x-series-samples-3Fujifilm X100T ~ 1/125th @f2.5 ISO 200 fujifilm-x-series-samples-4Fujifilm X100T ~ 1/800th @f7.1 ISO 200 fujifilm-x-series-samples-5Fujifilm X100T ~ 1/300th @f2 ISO 400 fujifilm-x-series-samples-6Fujifilm X100T ~ 1/1,100th @f16 ISO 200 fujifilm-x-series-samples-7Fujifilm X100T ~ 1/850th @f8 ISO 200 fujifilm-x-series-samples-9Fujifilm X100T ~ 1/480th @f5.6 ISO 400 fujifilm-x-series-samples-10Fujifilm X100T ~ 1/125th @f2 ISO 4,000 fujifilm-x-series-samples-11Fujifilm X100T ~ 1/125th @f2 ISO 1,600 fujifilm-x-series-samples-13Fujifilm X100T ~ 1/950th @f2 ISO 200 fujifilm-x-series-samples-14Fujifilm X100T ~ 1/1,000th @f2 ISO 200 fujifilm-x-series-samples-15Fujifilm X100T ~ 1/900th @f6.4 ISO 200 fujifilm-x-series-samples-16Fujifilm X100T ~ 1/900th @f5.6 ISO 200 fujifilm-x-series-samples-17Fujifilm X100T ~ 1/2,200th @f16 ISO 400 fujifilm-x-series-samples-18Fujifilm X100T ~ 1/500th @f5.6 ISO 200

By the way, I’m doing a Fujifilm Flagship Camera event at Castle Cameras, in Bournemouth on the 16th November if you are interested.  You can Kevin Mullins Fujifilm Day.

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