When I’m not photographing weddings, I try and spend as much time as possible out shooting street photography (in fact, I run many street photography workshops throughout the year).

These are just snapshots, from a day I spent wandering around Cardiff a few months back. Cardiff, as with much of my home country of Wales, is full of many types of characters – all with their own story to tell.

I really love just watching people, capturing them, and then, after, looking at the images and wondering what their life really is like.

Just a few snapshots of People of Cardiff.

If you are interested in the shooting of these images, you’ll see that all of the photographs have been taken using the Fujifilm X100T which I think is the perfect companion for shooting street photography.  In fact, I think its the perfect companion for pretty much any type of photography ….

Its such a small, light camera and couple it with the WCL or TCL you have a complete shooting system.  In very bright light, I can now start using the Electronic Shutter enabling me to continue to shoot at wider apertures, irrelevant of the bright sunshine.

Please click each image for large view.

Old Lady in Red in Cardiff

Fuji X100T 1/20,000, F2, ISO 400

Windy Day in Cardiff

Fuji X100T 1/1,900, F4, ISO 200

Three People in Cardiff

Fuji X100T 1/950, F4, ISO 200

Lady Smoking outside The Principality Building Society

Fuji X100T 1/850, F9, ISO 400

Man in Red Coat in Cardiff

Fuji X100T 1/850, F7.1, ISO 400

Lady in Red, Cardiff

Fuji X100T 1/350, F5.6, ISO 200

Man Smoking Wearing Headphones

Fuji X100T 1/150, F4.5, ISO 400


Fuji X100T 1/140, F4, ISO 400

Man on Phone in Cardiff

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