Editing Fujifilm JPEGs:

A few months back I produced a couple of YouTube videos concentrating on how I edit my Fujifilm RAW files:

Editing my Monochrome Images (from RAW)

Processing my Colour Images (from RAW)

As you may know, one of the reasons I moved to the Fujifilm X System back in 2011 was because of the beautiful JPEG files that it creates.

With the addition of the gorgeous Classic Chrome and Acros film simulations in later cameras, the whole series offers an amazing opportunity to allow the camera to a vast majority of the editing for us.

However, in most cases, the JPEGs could still need a little bit of editing.

The beauty, of course, of shooting JPEG is that we shouldn’t need to do too much editing.

In the video below I explain exactly how I edit my JPEGs.

Editing Fujifilm JPEGs – How to Check What Fujifilm Film Simulation you used?

Part of the frustration of shooting JPEGs and having thousands of them, on your computer is that there is no easy way of viewing the JPEG data such as:

  • Film Simulation
  • Shadows
  • Highlights
  • Sharpness
  • Grain Settings

Lightroom and most other RAW processing tools will allow us to see the shooting data.

But we are limited to shooting data such as shutter speed, ISO etc.

They do not offer us information such as Film Simulation etc.

Editing Fujifilm JPEGs

I believe on an Apple desktop there are plugins to the OS that allow you to see this but on a PC it’s not so easy.

With that in mind, I have built an online tool on this website where you can check your Fuji JPEG settings.

Simply upload a JPEG that has come from a Fujifilm camera

You will be able to see these extra details (more instructions in the video below) and you’ll get results such as this:

Editing Fujifilm JPEGs

OK, so onto the video.

In it, I explain the basics of Editing Fujifilm JPEGs using Lightroom as well as how to use Presets and Tone Curve presets to simplify the procedure.

I hope you enjoy it and as always, any questions, please feel free to leave them below or on my YouTube Channel.

Finally, I have a few new workshops announced which you can find full details of over at https://www.kevinmullinsworkshops.co.uk

Here are a few of the highlights at least:

Happy Snapping and I’ll see you next time.



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