I posted a video a good month or so back about How to use Fujifilm X Raw Studio.

I meant to create a blog post here too but time got the better of me I’m afraid.

July is always a crazy month for me and so I’ve only just remembered to post it here.  Apologies if you have seen the video on my YouTube Channel.

For those that don’t know, Fujifilm X Raw Studio is (from the Fujifilm website):

“FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO” is new RAW conversion software completely different from conventional RAW conversion software.

Once connecting a digital camera to a computer, “FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO” allows users to:

  • Convert RAW files in a short time just almost same duration as a camera takes a photo. And it does not depend on the performance of your computer as the FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO system utilizes the image processor in the camera instead of the CPU in the computer.
  • Get an image with retained exceptional image quality (tonality, colour reproduction, noise reduction, and so on of the camera).

Fujifilm X Raw Studio is totally free and available for both PC and Mac users.  You can download it here:

Download Fujifilm X Raw Studio

The following video takes you through, step by step, how to use Fujifilm X Raw Studio:

I created this video because I got asked many times after my post about my JPEG and Custom Settings how I created duplicate images in the camera based on separate JPEG Settings.

And the answer, of course, is Fujifilm X Raw Studio.

How to use Fujifilm X Raw Studio Step By Step:

The software is pretty easy to use, but it can be a little frustrating to get up and running.

Firstly, you’ll need to use the compatible USB cable that came with your camera.

NOTE: Using the wrong USB cable, or one that is too slow won’t yield any errors, but it won’t work.  If you are struggling to get the computer to see the camera, then its almost definitely the USB cable you are using.

It’s also important to have the latest firmware on your camera.  You can get the latest firmware for Fujifilm cameras here.

Once you have the connection to your computer, navigate to the PC Connection mode in the menu:

How to use Fujifilm X Raw StudioIf your computer cannot see the camera, you will see the following:
How to use Fujifilm X Raw StudioOnce connected, you will see this:
How to use Fujifilm X Raw StudioA key thing to realise is that you DO NOT need to have a memory card in your camera.  The RAW files should already be on your computer.

Critically though, the RAW files need to be from the same camera as you have attached.  For example, if you are converting RAW files from an X-Pro2, then you will need an X-Pro2 attached to the computer via USB.

I’ve had many questions asking why this is. And the answer is pretty simple.  The JPEG processing engine is in the camera.  It is not in the X Raw Studio software.  This makes sense, as it’s a piece of code designed specifically for camera firmware and is not possible (so I’m told) to port that to a PC/Mac based model.

This is the reason you have to have the camera connected.

It is the camera that does the conversion.  Not the software.
How to use Fujifilm X Raw StudioYou point the software to the location on your computer where the RAW files are located.  There in, you can emulate exactly the same processing that the camera will apply to the JPEGs.

You can even create recipes.  I have mine set up to emulate my 7 Custom JPEG Settings
How to use Fujifilm X Raw Studio
How to use Fujifilm X Raw Studio

You’ll get a complete overview by watching the video above but in essence, here are the basic steps for How to use Fujifilm X Raw Studio:

  1. Update the Camera Firmware
  2. Set the Camera for Conversion
  3. Connect Camera via USB
  4. Ensure its the same camera that RAW files came from (same model.  For example, if you have two X-Pro2’s you can use either camera).

That’s it.  I hope you found the article useful.  Leave any comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them as soon as I can.

Please note, I’ve built a new dedicated workshop website for those interested.  You can find it at:  https://www.kevinmullinsworkshops.co.uk

Happy Snapping,



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