Speed up Lightroom with Fuji Files – that’s a topic that comes up a LOT on the Facebook group for Wedding Photographers shooting Fuji that I run.

It came up again just the other day and I spent time explaining the ways that I try to optomise Lightroom for Fuji X-Trans RAW files.

The very talented Gmk Gusmank also suggested to the group members some of tips I’m sharing in this video cast below.

The video is only nine minutes or so long and you may well already be aware of some of the tips.

Many of these ideas have been mentioned in lots of other places of course, but they definitely make a big impact.

Speed up Lightroom with Fuji Files:

I discuss the following:

  • Compressed Raw files with the Fuji X-Pro2
  • Using SSD drives
  • Understanding the Camera Raw Cache (size and configuration)
  • The XMP Metadata Saving options
  • Using Smart-Previews to really speed up your overall editing time

As usual, any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments.


Oh, and don’t forget to check out my last remaining Fuji X-Photography workshop which is in Paris in September.

If you found the video useful, you might also be interested in and introductory video I recorded about Fuji X-Pro2 Support in Adobe Lightroom CC earlier in the year.

An update on my use of the Fuji X-70

You’ll remember from my last post:  Being British with the X70 & WCL-X70 that I’ve really found the X70 to be a jewel in the crown of the Fuji system.  If only X70 was released instead of the X-M1 all those years back…… ;-).  Anyway, I’ve subsequently been using it sporadically at weddings too and more and more street shooting of course.

I’ll be updating my X70 adventures here very shortly.

As ever, please feel free to share this on social media – it does help and I’ll answer any questions too of course.
  • Happy Snapping – Kevin (in my Studio in Malmesbury, listening to The Sound of Silence by DisturbedAdobe

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